"This is ALL new to us...where can I get more information?

A listing of resources is linked to this page, but in this order, please use the following to get answers to most if not all, of your concerns and questions about Lone Scouting. Keep in mind that some of these resources are NOT available to you locally because Lone Scouting is an OPTIONAL BSA program option. Not every local Council will use Lone Scouting as part of their overall youth outreach.

The FIRST person you should reach out to is your Lone Scout or Council Commissioner. Some Councils have appointed an Assistant Council Commissioner to serve Lone Scouting on a Council-wide basis. If your Council does not have such a volunteer, contact your Council's Commissioner. In other local Councils, there is a volunteer who is serving as your Commissioner along with several other Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and/or Venturing units. Don't discount this person simply because they do not have youth in the Lone Scouting program -- they know a good deal about the BSA, and Lone Scouting is a part of the Boy Scouts of America!

If your Commissioner can't assist you, each District within your Council has a person working Scouting as a full-time job. He or she is titled differently, according to their responsibilities within the local Council. Most are titled "District Executive" and some may be titled "Senior District Executive" or "District Director". These men and women received about a day's worth of training and instruction on the Lone Scouting program and how it should be conducted on a "one over the world" basis. Then, when they return to their local Council, they are coached by senior managers on how Lone Scouting will be used (or not) in THEIR COUNCIL. Not all Councils use Lone Scouting in the way taught at the BSA's Professional Leadership Institute (PDI); therefore, there is no consistancy from one Council to another. However, these men and women KNOW SCOUTING, and should be able to answer your questions or concerns if your Commissioner cannot assist you.

More information on what your District's professional or professional team can provide will be posted here soon... I am still gathering information.

Mike Walton, Lone Scouting Commissioner

Mike Walton, Lone Scouting Commissioner If you cannot get enough information -- or your District Executive or Director is not "up to speed" on Lone Cub Scouting or Lone Boy Scouting, we suggest you contact Mike Walton. Mike is a former Lone Boy Scout and Lone Scout Friend and Counselor, and has assisted other Lone Scouts and their families over the last 15 years. You can post to him through the Lone Scouting Yahoo group established to assist you and other Lone Scout families with networking and information resourcing.

Lone Scouting News

Jan 2014

Lone Scout earns Eagle and 137 merit badges

Lone Scout earns Eagle and 137 merit badges
(Dixie Wagner, Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of America) You might ask, “How is that possible?” There are only 133 merit badges available to earn! And, what is a Lone Scout? While you may not be able to earn 137 merit badges, since four of them were only available during the 100th anniversary of BSA in 2010, you might find yourself in the position of being a Lone Scout - which is what happened to Jake Sindelar.

Apr 2004

A Lone Scout flies high as an Eagle

A Lone Scout flies high as an Eagle.
(Toledo Blade) Andrew Riddle wanted to be an Eagle Scout, but his Boy Scout troop on South Bass Island was small and and its leaders lacked the time and resources to help him earn the necessary merit badges.
So he decided to do it himself.

Sep.25, 2010

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