Old Lone Scouting BSA shoulder patch emblem


A site still in process of being built...
The Lone Cub Scout and Lone Boy Scout programs are mysteries both to those in Scouting and especially to those outside of Scouting. Some have heard of it but associate it with "home schoolers" and don't really give it much thought. However, changes to the BSA's membership standards along with societial changes have prompted a lot of families to give Lone Scouting another look. This site was built to answer general concerns and questions.

...and a place for Lone Scouts and their Friends and Counselors to hang out and share!
Lone Scouts already feel like "outsiders" among their Scouting peers, and this site was designed to bring and keep them in the Scouting fold. Eventually, information concerning Scouting and how Lone Scouts can be a part of the Scouting Experience will be posted here. My personal hope is that Lone Scouts and their Friends and Counselors will post information and images demonstrating that "we're a part of the BSA also!"


How to Be a Lone Cub or Boy Scout?

This page explains it.
Lone Cub/Boy Scouting is a bit different than just driving down to the local school, church or civic club, saying "sign us up!" The page explains the extra effort needed in becoming a Lone Scout!

Lone Scouting uniform

Insignia and uniform items for Lone Scouts
Did you know that Lone Scouts wear very distinctive items which IDs themselves as Lone Cub Scouts or Lone Boy Scouts? Did you know that there are items to distinguish the Lone Scout Friend and Counselor from other Scouters?

Participating with the Council

Activity with Local Councils
Lone Cub Scouts and Lone Boy Scouts - and their Friends and Counsellors - can indeed participate in District, local Council, even National activities and events like the National Jamboree and summer/day camp programs. They may participate as part of an existing unit, or on their own as a part of a provisional unit.